January 14, 2014

Resident Bathroom Creep

Yesterday I sat down to pee, deep in thought.  You know how it is being a mom, right?  Potty breaks are our quiet time.  The bathroom is a sacred space.  Anyway, in my own little happy place, I looked up and saw this.

It's a good thing I was already in the bathroom, or I would have wet my pants with laughter!  My kids crack me up.  A Lego man who lost his legs was given a prosthetic mermaid tail with a ball of sticky tack from our art area, and stuck to the wall under the towel hooks where he could spy on the bathroom.

I congratulated Hannah Jane on an excellent prank and the little man vanished, back to the lego box, I presumed.  But no.  Later in the day, I popped in to brush my teeth and there he was on the mirror.  

He is decidedly more creepy when you can see his back-of-the-head face all freaking out while his front face just smirks.  Seriously one scary merman.

Later he graced the flusher.

It became like a live game of Where's Waldo.  He was everywhere!  Everywhere in the bathroom, that is.  I got lots of good giggles throughout the day.  I had almost forgotten about him this morning until Joe, from the shower, said, "There's some little mermaid man looking at me in here."  LOL!  Bathroom creep strikes again! 

I love my hilarious kids.  This house is full of surprises. 

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