February 20, 2014

Absentee Blogger Offers Nutella Braid Bread

We've had house guests for about a week and honestly, I can't think of anything less satisfying than having good friends at home around the clock and blogging instead of hanging out.  Okay well, housework instead of hanging out would also be criminal, but I let that slide during their visit as well.  Anyway, I had a lovely week with friends from Oregon -which is why you havent' heard from me for a while - and now we're in school and housework catch-up mode, so I'm still not going to offer you a fantastically long blog post.  You understand, right?  Education and clean floors first, blogging later.

But I do have something I want to quickly share because I've been meaning to pass it along for a couple of weeks now and just never got around to it.  

Nutella Braid Bread.  

Yes, folks.  It's as good as it sounds.  

I found the recipe here, and I'm not going to retype it because you can click over faster than I can type, but I did make some modifications that I will share.  

For my first batch, I followed the recipe and the people I shared with thought it was lovely, but I wanted the bread to be sweeter.  More like a danish.  You know?  It felt weird to have a basic bread with such a sweet treat inside.  

So I added an extra half cup of sugar with the dough AND instead of dusting with cornmeal, I dusted with confectioner's sugar.  Cornmeal with Nutella?  Um, no thanks.  The confectioners dusting did make for a harder than usual pan to clean after, but it was well worth it.  

Before you get all "But sugar is toxic!" up in here, let's just be clear.  My philosophy is this:  When you sit down for a meal, make it healthy. When you sit down for a treat, make it good.   We eat our greens at 2, sometimes 3 meals a day, so I don't feel all that bad for making our treats AMAZING and occasional.   

When I came to the cutting and twisting part, I had a little trouble.  It's REALLY hard to cut through slippery dough layered with Nutella using a knife without damaging your pan.  Sure I could do it on a cutting board, but things come out prettier if you do all of the cutting and twisting on your baking surface so you don't have to transfer after you've done the artsy part.  

Scissors are the key!  They worked like a dream.  I struggled with cutting my first loaf with the knife, but the second loaf that I cut with scissors was so easy!  Use the scissors, folks!  

The finished product was as pretty as it was tasty!  It smelled so good!  

So go make some delicious Nutella dessert bread to snack on until we're together again.  It won't be long.  The floors are almost clean and the kids are almost caught up on their fractions so I'll catch ya soon!

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