February 4, 2014

Family Love Notes

I have set up an ongoing activity on the dining room table for the kids to do as they please in the weeks leading up to Valentines Day.  Along with our little love gnomes that we made last year, and our usual centerpiece with fake rose petals and gems and candles, we've added 2 glass containers.

I've put some blank slips of paper and pens atop the rose petals in one container, and the other is just a tall, empty vase.

In their free time, the kids are encouraged to write anonymous love notes to other members of the family.  They go a little something like, "Dear Hannah Jane, I really love the way you sing all the time," or "Dear Hunter, I love having a dinosaur expert like you in the house!" We don't sign them, so there's no temptation to try and out love each other for love letter credit.  It's not a competition.  It's just taking note of the wonderful things that our family members do that make us feel warm and fuzzy.  Hopefully, it will make us all more mindful of the good all around us.  

We fold the notes so they can't be read until Valentines Day, when we'll dump out the vase and pass out the notes to their recipients.  We'll all have a little pile of reasons to feel good about ourselves.  Little reminders to smile.  

The vase is filling up fast, so I think the kids are really finding lots to love about one another!  We can't wait to read them all!

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