February 10, 2014

Kids Cook Monday : Dabo Kolo

Hannah Jane's Girl Scout troop eats a potluck dinner together each month and this month they were asked to bring a food from Africa.  We found this excellent African Cook Book compiled by Penn State, and not only does it have recipes, but they are broken down by country and it has information on traditional food service for the countries.

Hannah Jane chose a fried cookie called Dabo Kolo.

This was not a cookie by our usual definition.

There was almost no sugar and there was cayenne pepper, which seemed unusual to our American brains.

She measured and mixed and kneaded and fried.

I thought the cookies were dreadful, but she right liked them and she likes almost nothing I ever feed her.  Either way, it's always fun to try something from a far away place.  Right?

To see what other kids are doing in the kitchen, don't forget to check out the Kids Cook Monday official site!

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  1. Anonymous13.4.14

    I don't think these are dreadful. In my opinion, these taste AMAZING!!!


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