February 3, 2014

Kids Cook Monday : Savory Breakfast Pastry

This morning the boys made a very artistic breakfast from our new vegetarian cookbook.  It was quite yummy and I always love a recipe that brings green veggies into the one meal of the day that you never really expect them.

puff pastry
tomato sauce

To start, thaw and roll out your puff pastry.  Cut it into rectangles and then roll up the edges and pinch them all around like you're making the crust of a pie.  This will hold all of the breakfast art on the canvas.

Spread tomato sauce over the middle and then add the egg and asparagus bits however you want.  I cracked the eggs into a cup and then let the boys gently roll them onto the pastry to avoid having a rogue egg roll off on to the pan.  

Bake at 350 until the pastry is all puffed up.  A little warning, though.  The eggs looked completely fake after baking like that.  We handed Joe his pastry and he actually said, "Wait, is this real?  This egg...is this a joke egg?"  It looks like a plastic toy and gets a really rubbery texture, which everyone but me really liked.  

In the end, our breakfast looked like modern art and tasted like something from a trendy bakery.  Plus, the boys enjoyed arranging the elements on the pastry.  They took their time and dragged it out much longer than was actually necessary because, well, it's a fun breakfast to make!

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