February 6, 2014

the Love Tree ( a kid invented craft project )

This is so adorable that I wish I could claim it as my own idea.  But Hannah Jane and her little friend came up with this idea all on their own.  Her friend brought grapes to share during a play date and when they were all gone, the girls disappeared into the bedroom with the stems and came out with this fantastic creation.

Hannah Jane is a low-level hoarder of sorts, which on the surface bugs me a bit because her room absolutely never looks clean, even if everything is put away, because there's just so much stuff!  But then she does things like this and I get it.  Everything I would toss out is, in her mind's eye, a potential craft project.

She saved all of those silly, store-bought Valentine's cards from last year's round of parties, and with her friend Emmy's help, they turned the old cards and the grape stems into something adorable - love trees!

Hot gluing the grape stems upside down and supporting them with "snow," AKA tissue, they then decorated their new trees with heart stickers and things cut out from old cards.  There were a few plastic gems stolen from our dining table centerpiece and tucked in there.  And the based that supported the trees got covered over with the remaining old cards.

The girls were so proud of their creation!  They brought it in where we moms were chit chatting about personality types and we had to pause for a little photo session because they were just so darn adorable!  I was so impressed with their cleverness.  What a great way to reuse grape stems and cards!

Suddenly Hannah Jane's little hoarding habit looks a little sweeter to me that it used to.  And we are penciling this little craft in for the whole family to do next year.  Heck!  We might make grape trees for all sorts of holidays because it's such a fun little way to decorate for those low-input holidays.

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