February 7, 2014

Yak Pak Give Away!

I was recently contacted by a company called Yak Pak, asking if I'd like to try out one of their products and give one away to a reader.  I had never heard of Yak Pak, but I logged on to their site and WOW!  Everything they make is adorable!  Everything from iPad covers to back packs.  Lunch bags to to most excellent guitar cases I've ever seen.  It made it hard to pass up the offer.

I called Hannah Jane in to see what she might enjoy trying out.  After all, I don't really think I was the target audience for most of their stuff.  But Hannah Jane is right up their alley.  She didn't even have to think.  The Ombre Leopard Print back pack.  It's like it was calling her name.

Since it arrived on our door step, she has crammed it full of what she calls her "Quest Gear."  Being the huge Percy Jackson fan that she is, she can usually be found carrying a backpack full of gear to assist her should she ever find herself on a quest with Anna Beth.  Makes perfect sense, right?

After she'd been lugging it around for a few days, I picked it up to get it out of the floor and it was crazy heavy.  Again, this is a total Hannah Jane thing.  She stuffs her bags so full that the bag hook by her door is pulling the screws out of the wall.  I asked what was in there because it felt like rocks!  She opened it up and pulled out 3 first aid kits, a variety of locks and keys, mythology books to help her identify the weakness of any particular foe she should come across, note pads and art supplies for documenting her quests, a wallet full of fake IDs from Chuck E. Cheese, several kinds of string and chains, and of course, her New York Yankees cap that she bought with her allowance because Anna Beth has one and it makes her invisible.  Every heroine needs an invisibility cap!

What she likes about the Yak Pak backpack is that it is not only adorably trendy, but it has several compartments for keeping her hero supplies organized.  What I like about it is how sturdy it seems to be and how tough the seams are.  That girl can rip through some seams in no time flat with as much junk as she lugs around in her backpacks, and this one appears to be holding up to the weight.  Her old princess backpack quickly fell out of favor when this one arrived on scene.  

Now, for the fun part!  Yak Pak wants to give something cool to a lucky Momma Skyla reader!!!  To enter, please check them out on Pinterest or like them on Facebook and leave a comment below telling us which of their adorable prints you like the most.  Be sure to leave your e-mail address so we can find you if you win!  Anonymous entries just can't win.  Sorry.  A week from today, I will have Miss Hannah Jane choose a name out of her invisibility cap and we will announce the winner!  

In order to win, you must be a resident of the US or Canada.  If you win, you will be given access to a secret product page where you will find a variety of Yak Pak products to choose from.  It's the same page I chose from, and let me tell you that there is some cute gear in the pot!  Get a backpack, a lunch bag, headphones...oh, there's good stuff in there!  Your product of choice will be sent to you directly from the kind and generous folks at Yak Pak.  

So go on and check them out and enter to win a little something for the trend setter in your family!


  1. So many fun prints. I really like the fireworks one!

  2. I love the owl print messenger bag. So cute!

  3. Love the hearts one...super cute!

  4. I love their Valentine's cheetah print!!!

  5. I like the heart print!


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