March 9, 2014

A Little Break from Reality

We kind of just took off and hid from the world in Oregon for a week.  Once you've lived in the northwest, it's almost like you've got this permanent condition that requires you to get a fix every now and then.  We needed a fix, so we up and went for it.  It was pure bliss.  I had almost forgotten what damp air felt like.  And the green!  Oh, the green!  It's so green.  

We stopped and bought cheap kites to fly on the beach.  The kids in the fog with their kites felt like a picture from a book with dreamy images that I used to pour over when I was a kid.  

Hunter and I took a walk, just the two of us, around a lake that is separated from the ocean by a giant set of dunes.  Hunter says he loves Oregon and will live there again someday when he's all grown up because, "here, there's nature everywhere.  It's not just in pots."  His favorite living critter on earth is the salamander and that boy stripped down to his boxer briefs and plunged into cold March water to grab salamanders out of the water.  He he was in heaven and I just sat back in the sand and took it in -breathed in his enthusiasm for the world.  

Haven didn't want to leave the campground.  At all.  Ever.  Joe and I took turns taking the other kids out so that Haven could have his yurt time.  When I was with him, we took a walk to the playground, but quickly returned because apparently nothing is as much fun as just snuggling in the yurt.  Nothing.  There were tears when Joe and I finally said, "Dude, we've given you hours of yurt time.  We really want dinner.  Together."  That boys loves campgrounds!

I loved the sound of the ocean.  I have been parted from it for far too long.  We had a still day at the ocean, which almost never happens on the Oregon coast.  The air was still and the water and lovely.  We watched shore birds and saw seal pups in the waves.  It was the most relaxing day.

More than the ocean, I love looking at dune grass.  I don't know why.  The kids tease me that I'm looking the wrong way a lot of the time we're at the beach, but I love dune grass in the breeze.  So when the wind finally kicked back up a little, it was the grass I was meditating on.  The sound of the ocean and the sight of the grass.  It's sensory perfection.  

But we're back now.  I brought a head cold home as a souvenir, so I'm taking it easy for one last day before we launch back into school and house work.  Well, I'm hoping to finish the housework today so that I can relax and only worry about the kids' school work tomorrow.  We'll see how that flies.  Right now, I'm not really dying to get out of bed.  It's warm here and blankets are so much nicer than unpacking a van.  Wish me luck!  

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