March 19, 2014

We're Moving!

Well, we're moving to Oregon, folks!  Squee!!!!  Joe got a job at Oregon State and we're soon to be on our way.  If you know me, you know that my heart never entirely made it to Utah.  A small portion of it took up permanent residence in Oregon and has been in protest since my body left the state.  

Still, with all of the joy, as we look into the eyes of our handful of amazing friends and know that  we're hitting the highway soon, that part of my heart that made it out here feels a little like it's been in a car crash.  I know!  I finally get what I want and I'm still going to cry about it.  I half expected to waltz outta here without a pang of sadness.  But alas, amazing people are everywhere and my life is full of them.  We are certainly blessed.  

So I've been a big heaping mess of tears for about a week now.  Tears of utter joy and elation, followed by tears of loss and separation, followed by tears of embarrassment for all this darn crying!  It's been crazy.  And it's why I've been more than a little absent.  Who has time to blog when there are boxes to be packed and friends to soak up for just a little longer?

30 days to pack up a house of 5 years is crazy talk.  Oh wait.  We're putting the house on the market in a week.  Make that 9 days to pack up a house of 5 years.  Crazier!  We're actually almost done!  I tricked myself into working overtime by inviting an entire valley of homeschoolers over for a school stuff sale on Friday.  If you don't live in Utah, that may sound like a crowd of 8.  But this town is crazy full of homeschoolers and I suspect that more than a few will show up.  I've got serious mountains of homeschool curriculum to get rid of before we go.  They will come.

Anyway, the idea of keeping the house in market ready conditions WHILE having 3 kids who don't leave the house for 7 hours a day is intimidating.  We're packing absolutely everything but 5 outfits, 5 toys each, and the furniture.  Hopefully, there won't be much left in the house for the kids to make a mess with.  Heck!  When the weather warms up a little more, I'll even have us eating outside.  I mean, how else can you sell a house AND homeschool?  I'm almost not convinced it's possible.  Here's hoping, though!

So forgive me if my posts are fewer and farther between for a while, or if they start to be all about staging homes for sale.  My world is going to be a little different for a while.  

But we've already learned some interesting things about education on account of getting ready to move.  I'm kind of shocked over how Common Core is affecting our homeschooling at the moment.  But I'll share about that tomorrow!  Stay tuned!  

For now, it's off to pack!

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