April 21, 2014

Kids Cook Monday : belated Easter bread


We haven't cooked real food in our kitchen for weeks.  Keeping the house ready for buyers to walk through at any given moment has resulted in a lot of sandwiches and eating out or at friends' houses.  But for Easter, we needed a little something special.  Plus, meal times seem to be the most popular time to tour a home.

As you may have heard, we have historically stunk it up when it comes to cooking anything with yeast.  But this year, thanks to a lesson from some friends, we're sitting at about a 70% success rate.  So we decided to give this Greek Easter bread a try.  I knew within minutes of kneading the dough that it wasn't going to work.  Don't ask me how.  Call it a bread failure's intuition.  So while the kids kneaded some more, I made a back-up dough using the only bread recipe that has ever worked for me.

PicMonkey Collage

As I suspected, after an hour to rise, the listed recipe dough was just sitting in a dense lump and the back-up dough was high and full of air pockets!

I used the better dough to make the shape of the Greek ring while the kids made the eggs.  We have never dyed eggs without those little Paas dissolving tablets, but the kitchen is almost completely devoid of food, and there in our empty lazy Susan stood a lonely box of food dye.  We added vinegar to that and it worked out just fine. Weird that I never thought of using what was on hand and always bought the kit.  

The kids each chose one of their eggs to tuck into the bread ring and we baked that baby up wit a a light egg wash.  

It turned out lovely and the kids collected green, leafy bits from around the property to garnish it.   I wasn't sure what all the greens were, or if they should touch food, so I made a little foil platform to put the bread on so that it didn't actually touch the greens, and then we put the dandelions in the middle because those we knew were fine.  

My dear friend Barb invited us over for Easter brunch since we're away from Joe and half of her family is away too.  It was so nice to have something lovely to contribute to the amazing spread she prepared. The eggs were supposed to hard boil while the bread baked, but I was worried about being late, so I rushed the bread a little and the eggs were only soft boiled, which the kids have never seen before, so they freaked out a little about the weird egg texture.  But whatever. It was gorgeous and we will totally make this every year because it has a wholesome wow factor. 

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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