April 6, 2014

Looking Forward to Oregon!

Doing so much work to get the house ready for someone else to love is kind of a bummer.  Okay, it's a big bummer.  We're ready to leap forward and get on to the next big adventure, and instead we're washing windows that we never ever washed for ourselves, so that someone else can have a nice view.  But that's part of it.

To keep our spirits high while we're doing more dirty work than we've ever done before, I'm focusing on what we have to look forward to.  That's pretty easy to do, being that we've never stopped loving Oregon!

But we've never lived in Corvallis, so I'm filling my free moments digging around online, finding things that I want to check out when we arrive.

Things I already love bout Corvallis: 

1.  The Corvallis public library website is thebestlibrary.net  I like a city with library pride!  We have long suffered with a tiny library that never has the book we're looking for, in a county that doesn't see the point in moving to a county-wide library system because the average tax payer apparently doesn't read much.  In fact, our current library might be interested in the web address smallwithmanymormonbooksandnotalotelse.net  I don't know.  Maybe that one was taken. I haven't actually seen our new library just yet, but with a web address like that, I'm sure it at least aspires to greatness.  That is enough for me.  
2.  Corvallis has actual bike lanes AND some bike paths that are off the road for super safe family bike riding. According to wikipedia, in 2009 Corvallis had the highest percentage of bicycle commuters in the United States.  That's pretty cool.  We're looking forward to NOT getting in the car every day.  I'm feeling like I'd rather own a dumpy house in town and bike everywhere than have a McMansion in the country and have to get in the car for every single outing.  But we'll see.  Maybe I'll fall in love with a McMansion and change my mind.  Looks like we'll be renting in line with  my dump but in-town vision so we can try it on for a while and see how it feels.  

3.  There's no mall (that I can find, anyway).  I think I find myself in the mall about 4 times a year and I always feel like a small part of my soul has been stolen.  It's a necessary evil when Joe needs new work shirts, but other than that, I see no reason to ever set foot in the mall.  The fact that a mall doesn't even exist there kind of brightens my day.  

4.  In addition to there being no mall, there IS Goodwill.  I have missed Goodwill so much!  In fact, on our vacation/job interview, that's what we did with our free afternoon.  We went shopping at the Goodwill for summer clothes for the kids just in case we weren't going to be back where there are cheap second hand clothes again any time soon.  Here, there's no Goodwill.  There's the DI, which is an LDS version of Goodwill, which is fine except their prices are ridiculously high for used stuff.  It's cheaper to buy new at Ross than to buy at the DI.  I don't think a second hand boy's shirt with a missing button should ever be $5.  It should be a buck.  Period.  And now it will be once more.  

6.  It's close enough that we can go have clam chowder at the coast on a semi-regular basis.  I don't actually like clam chowder all that much, but Joe does and it makes for an excellent excuse to go to the beach.  Oh, to live close enough to enjoy the beach on a more regular basis! 

7.  Hiking, hiking, hiking in the green, green, green!  That's right!  Green!  Not brown or yellow or on fire.  Green and wet and fresh and clean!  When we moved here, I thought I would grow to love the brown mountains.  I love them when there's snow on them, but I never did figure out how to appreciate the brown.  Maybe I have a narrow vision, but the brown simply doesn't speak to my soul like the green.

There's more, but seven is a nice lucky number so we'll call it good there.

I am so ready to make this move!  Ready!  I feel like I should be trying to savor my last moments in Utah rather than rushing past them to get to Oregon, but my heart is ready to take the leap and be there already.  Peeking ahead to our new home town is making these last few days more bearable.

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