May 2, 2014

May Moving Break

We made it to Corvallis, friends!  We're settling nicely despite the fact that our moving truck has yet to arrive.  We're sleeping on camping cots and in the floor, we're taking turns eating meals because we have 3 borrowed dishes that we're taking turns with, and we're schooling exclusively from workbooks so that the kids can work independently for a while as I set up utilities, study maps, and fill out forms for everything from homeschooling to mail box key access.  There's a lot of paperwork involved in a move!

So I suspect that I won't be blogging much in May.  We are considering not even bothering to set up internet at our rental since we hope our house sells soon and we can move on to a house of our own.  That means library visits will be my only computer time.  

But once we're settled in, I'll have all kinds of new an exciting adventure stories to share. So check back!  And who knows? Maybe the library will prove an excellent blogging location.  But with 3 kids in tow, I somehow doubt it.  

Hugs and love from one happy camper in Oregon!  See ya soon!

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