June 4, 2014

Finally Home

finally at home

We're all moved into a temporary rental house in our new town and life feels suddenly blissful in a way that it hasn't in years.  I can't put into words just how healthy this move feels for our family. After a month spent reflecting, I'm still not sure I've identified all the ways that our last living situation changed our family for better, for worse, and likely forever.

As we are building new rhythms in our healthier landscape, I can't help but ask myself how this blog space will reflect the shift.  Right before the move, I was toying with the idea of not blogging anymore.  It felt like just one more stressor in an already overextended daily routine.  One more place that I was putting myself out there for scrutiny when I already felt under the microscope in my non-virtual existence.  One more thing that needed to get done.

But after taking May off to settle into our new scene, I found that I missed sharing in this space.  And as my daily family routines start to find a more sustainable balance, my day seems to have natural space for sharing again.  And at the very same time, my heart seems to be healing and softening and more open.  There seems to be the potential here for this space to be a creative outlet again instead of one more thing that needs to get marked off the to-do list.

So I'm feeling renewed in many ways and I'm happy to get back to sharing that with you.  Perhaps in some different way that I did before, but sharing none the less.  It's good to be back!


  1. I have just joined in, reading your words. Your blog was recommended by a friend where I live, in Ennis MT. I do hope that you continue writing. Enjoy settling into your new space in life.

  2. Hi Kendra! Glad you stopped by to read! I think I've settled on starting a new, fresh blog space along the same lines, but without all the broken links that come with having decades old blog space. It's a great time for fresh starts! And I'll leave this one up so that people use the lessons can still access them. I hope you'll come by and visit me in my new space when I get all set up!


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